Dear customers !


We are „MB modelcars“ producing high-detailed white metal Formula one kits and hand made exclusive builts on a scale 1:43. We make limited editions of models – only 20 pcs of every Grand Prix and a driver in all versions. We sell all production of „TAMEO KITS“ F1 kits on a scale 1:43 as well.

For modellers we offer „MB modelcars“ and „TAMEO KITS“ F1 kits on a scale 1:43.

For collectors :

1. we offer exclusive F1 hand built models assembled from our „MB modelcars“ kits

2. we offer F1 hand built models from „TAMEO KITS“ kits to order.


Martin Brezny


Dear Madams/Sirs,


We are producers of white metal F1 kits & hand made builts on a scale of 1:43. We established our family company oficially in 2007, with modelcar "hobby" activities since 1972 and company activities since 1994. We have started with kits production of Fittipaldi FD04 Ford 1976 and Fittipaldi FD04 Ford 1977 ( all versions ). We also accept orders for fully assembled kits from MB modelcars and TAMEO KITS , which will be built by MB modelcars. If you are interested in our products then do not hesitate to visit our e-shop http://www.mbmodelcars.eu/.


We look forward to your interest !!!


Martin Brezny

Operator:  Martin Březný,  742 83  Klimkovice,  Identification number: 60807253, Tax identification number: (VAT) CZ6606051496, PHONE: .
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